Yes-box development of a central reservation of storage units under symfony

Yesbox is a self-storage company that offers secure storage units for rent in various sizes at competitive prices in the Hauts-de-France region.

For Yes Box our mission was the structuring of the old pages and the redesign of the website and to encourage the request for quotes via the automation and simplification of the process.

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Automation of the quote request

The goal of the website redesign was to automate the process of requesting estimations and availability of storage units. We developed a catalog of storage units by storage center using symfony, which allows sales representatives to check the availability of current rentals from the back office. For the front office, we developed a 3-step quote request that provides a real-time rental estimate for each center and each type of storage unit, the goal being to save time for both the sales representative and the customer and to streamline exchanges.


Volume simulator

Yes-box offers a range of rental units of different sizes and volumes to meet the storage needs of its customers. In order to facilitate the quote request, a simulation engine has been set up, allowing the customer to select the supplies to be stored and the size of the box needed. Once the form is completed, a quote request is automatically sent to the back office for processing. This feature allows customers to quickly receive an accurate estimate and facilitate their choice of rental unit according to their needs.


Client login

The customer area is a key feature of the site that makes it easy to manage customer relationships. Customer accounts have been designed to provide a personalized portal for customers, where they can view their interactions with the company, their quote history and their personal information. This portal is also a convenient tool for customers to extend or exchange their rental dates in an intuitive way, helping to improve their experience on the site. The goal is to make navigation simple and intuitive for customers so that they can quickly access all the information they need.


SEO content

In order to improve the visibility of the Yes-Box website, we adopted an SEO strategy by optimizing the content of their pages. On the homepage, important information about the brand is highlighted in a clear way so that users can easily understand the service offer. In addition, the descriptive pages of their different boxes are written with optimized content and appropriate keywords to improve their search engine rankings. This approach helps attract more visitors to their site, increase their brand awareness and convert visitors into potential customers.


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