Oceamic 2 : Fish canning

Oceamic 2 a multilingual corporate website under WordPress

Oceamic 2 is a Moroccan fish cannery located in the port of Laâyoune which produces and exports canned sardines, mackerel and tuna all over the world. The company uses high technology equipments and an experienced staff to produce high quality products that meet the tastes and requirements of the market.

Our mission for Oceamic 2 was to redesign the existing website and strengthen the company’s online presence in the B2B market.

To do this, our team of developers designed a multilingual corporate website in WordPress. During the design process, we ensured that the site was easy to navigate, providing a pleasant user experience for customers, partners and investors. Corporate websites are a key source of information for these stakeholders and contribute greatly to the company’s reputation.


UX/UI design on Figma

The website’s design was developed using Figma . We carefully took into account the desktop version as well as the mobile version to ensure the responsiveness of the website. This step is particularly crucial, as it allows us to set up the structure and the graphic aspect of the site, without touching a line of code.

During the conception, we chose to use the colors of the brand: the blue and the white, in order to identify easily the site of Oceamic 2 of its competitors and the contrast of these two colors allows to preserve a visual identity, to reinforce the brand image, to improve the readability and the aesthetics of the site and to offer a comfortable and pleasant experience of navigation to the visitors.

SEO content to improve ranking

  • Site structure and optimization
  • In order to improve the user experience and the SEO of the site, a basic structure was put in place using semantic HTML tags, an organization of the pages in sections and sub-sections as well as the use of titles and sub-titles to organize the content and to cohabit with the marketing component and the natural SEO. In addition, the internal linking between the different pages of the site was worked on to promote better indexing of the site by search engines.

    • Multilingual translation under WordPress
    • Since the site is a multilingual site, the translation and referencing of the site in English was also worked on. A multilingual site offers a personalized user experience according to the language and to target a wider clientele to gain credibility and confidence with Internet users.

      • Recipe blog
      • In order to strengthen the visibility of the site on search engines, a recipe blog was added to replace the old blog and allow better referencing of the website.
        Recipes rich in keywords related to the field of activity of Oceamic 2 are integrated on this page. The objective behind this action was to increase the visibility of the website by positioning it in the first results of the searches and to attract more qualified organic traffic.


SEO content to improve credibility

  • Partners page
  • To reinforce the credibility of Oceamic 2 with its target, we added a page listing all the partners of the brand. From a technical point of view, this page seeks to maximize the opportunities of natural referencing and to improve the user experience on the site, by providing clear and relevant information about the company.

    • Labels and certifications page
    • Another page presenting the labels and certifications has been added, testifying the quality of the products. This page allows to reassure customers and prospects about the quality of the products offered by the brand.

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