Les Sens de Marrakech

Les Sens de Marrakech a Prestashop e-commerce

Les Sens de Marrakech is a French brand established in Morocco since 2003. It offers several ranges of cosmetic and home products that offer natural, effective and safe ingredients while remaining true to an ethical approach of valuing the work of Moroccan artisans.

When we took over the website of Les Sens de Marrakech, we noticed that the product descriptions were incomplete and not optimized, which was detrimental to the visibility of the site on search engines. In addition, the navigation was difficult to understand, with a menu that was too condensed and not compatible with the users’ expectations.

Faced with this situation, we proceeded to write exhaustive and well-structured product sheets, in order to guarantee their effectiveness in terms of natural referencing and conversion of visitors into customers. In order to keep the visual identity of the brand, the store was designed under a custom PrestaShop theme in the brand’s colors to ensure consistency in the presentation.

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Intuitive product catalog

Our UI/UX designers developed and organized the product catalog into various categories and subcategories, which serve to structure the navigation and make it easy for users to find what they are looking for in a smooth and simple manner. We also implemented search filters to make it easier for users to find what they are looking for.

This redesign also offers a significant SEO benefit, as it allows search engines to better understand and map the structure of the site, which significantly improves its online visibility.

Enhanced product descriptions

The product display is designed to ensure an optimal user experience. The products are ergonomically presented, with ambient photos as well as neutral ones to help the user better visualize the product. Fast-loading video snippets are also featured to demonstrate the product’s use and help the consumers to better project themselves.

A system of variations has also been reworked to allow a clear and precise visualization of each product with its different measurements and sizes. This prevents mix-ups and confusion between the different products and allows to better target the consumer’s needs.

The categories are displayed in the ingredients module and in the product range section of the menu for a more efficient and clear organization of the products. Products are carefully coordinated to avoid duplication and not display the same product several times in different pages. This choice allows a better user experience and facilitates the navigation on the site.


Optimal display of products

Each product description is written in a specific way using relevant keywords for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and also to inform customers about the features and benefits of each product and to allow them to make informed and educated decisions. Composed of 4 main parts:

– A detailed description of each product highlighting the qualities, specificities of each individual one, its application method and a FAQ list.

– A second section titled “compositions and ingredients” describes the different substances and ingredients of each product. The ingredient module is attached to this section to highlight the natural ingredients used by the brand on the one hand, and on the other hand to offer visitors to the site a showcase of products made from the same ingredient and to make the user experience more fluid on the website.

– A third section “advice” to help the customer understand the functioning and the usefulness of the product and the benefits of each product with an abstract to a blog article about the ingredients of the product.

– A “review” section including the name, shade, age and skin type of the customers to help the user make a purchase decision. The customer review module has been custom developed and offers the possibility to leave reviews on purchased products, attach real photos and videos and earn loyalty points for each review submitted.


A client tunnel designed to convert

Significant improvements were made to the existent client tunnel to provide a simpler, more streamlined and personalized checkout experience.

Customers can now choose between two convenient delivery methods: the pick-up point or the Colissimo shipping services, as they prefer.

We have also implemented a secure payment system with different choices that offers customers the possibility of payment via PayPal or credit card, as well as the use of the online bank Oney in 3 and 4 times. These changes reflect Les Sens de Marrakech’s commitment to providing a seamless and convenient online shopping experience for its customers, while ensuring the security of their personal and payment information.

Reward program

A customized reward system, designed to encourage the most engaged and loyal customers. This program can allow customers to convert their points into instant discount coupons for various purchases and actions they make, such as account openings, social media likes, reviews, birthdays and more.

With this system, customers enjoy rewards that are tailored to their buying habits and level of engagement. In addition, these instant rewards help reinforce their brand loyalty, while promoting a positive and rewarding customer experience.


A blog and a custom made map for more proximity

A WordPress blog has been built. This blog aims to enhance the image of the brand, while contributing to the Search Sngine Optimization (SEO) of the store. Indeed, it offers additional information on the products offered, which helps to improve the visibility of the store on search engines. Moreover, it is a way to maintain regular contact with customers, without having a promotional approach. The articles are produced by our copywriters and are published regularly, providing useful and relevant information for the store’s customers.

It should be emphasized that respecting the rules and functioning of SEO is a priority when creating and managing this blog, in order to maximize its potential for the store and optimize its impact on search results.

In order to facilitate access to the stores, we have set up a dedicated page called “Our Stores”. This page features a custom map to build customer confidence and allow them to easily locate the addresses of the different stores. Users of Les Sens de Marrakech can thus easily go to the premises to discover the products or pick up their purchases. We are convinced that this new functionality reinforces the proximity with the customers and improves their shopping experience.


Accompagnement en stratégie digitale

A large-scale digital strategy was designed to promote the brand’s image nationally and internationally. Its importance lies in creating an online community, acquiring new customers and generating more traffic to the website. After choosing the appropriate communication channels, Instagram and Facebook in the case of Les Sens de Marrakech, we provided our expertise by assisting the brand in creating the accounts, populating the pages and producing attractive and engaging content by setting up editorial schedules and actively interacting with their community by responding to comments and private messages.


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