Agencia website and catalog under WordPress

Agencia Group is a company specialized in designing and offering a variety of solutions for professional spaces: Offices – Co-living – Co-Working – Retail – Hotel.

Agencia needed a website that acts both as a showcase to present the company’s services and as a catalog to present all the products hence its design under a custom WordPress theme.

In order to meet the specific requirements of the client, the site was developed with a strong visual identity and customizable options to reflect the company’s brand image and offer an optimal user experience. Efforts were also made to ensure that the site is easily navigable and accessible.

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UX design for a better flow

  • Compliance with the visual identity
  • In order to keep the corporate identity of Agencia, the site was designed using the two dominant colors of the visual identity: black and pink.
    These two colors offer a strong contrast, which improves the readability and accessibility of the site. Visitors can easily locate important elements on the different pages of the website, which improves their browsing experience. The use of these two colors makes the site more aesthetically pleasing so we avoided creating a monochromatic or overly colorful look that could distract or confuse visitors.

    • A responsive website
    • When designing the website, special attention was paid to the responsive part to improve the user experience on different types of devices such as desktops, tablets and smartphones. Considerable efforts were made to make navigation more fluid and intuitive on each support, adjusting the presentation of elements according to the size of the screen and optimizing the layout of information for better readability. The goal was to ensure that users could easily access the site’s features and content regardless of the device they were using.

      • Simplified menu
      • The site’s menu was carefully designed to provide an intuitive and efficient navigation experience for users. In accordance with SEO principles, the most important pages are highlighted and easily accessible to guide visitors to the most relevant information. Clear and fluid navigation also reinforces the professional image of the site and increases the credibility of the brand. By providing clear, easy-to-understand navigation, visitors are more likely to explore the site further, spend more time on it and return regularly.

SEO compliant content

  • Blog
  • In order to face the fierce competition and the specificity of the products offered by Agencia, we have implemented a content strategy based on the creation and moderation of a blog. By integrating articles rich in relevant keywords on topics related to the latest trends in the design of coworking spaces.
    The main objective of this strategy is to provide quality content that will help position the website optimally on the most coveted search terms.


SEO content for a better ranking

  • Visual
  • We strategically used images to enhance the user experience on the site. We added professional photos of each product to help customers visualize the products and facilitate their decision making process.
    We also ensured that each image was of high quality and met the company’s standards. We are aware that the quality of the images can have a significant impact on the customer’s perception of the products and their decision to buy.
    In addition, we ensured that the images were used in a balanced way and optimized so as not to affect the loading speed of the site.

    • Inspiration component
    • To reinforce Agencia’s image and encourage visitors to stay on the site, we created an inspiration page in the form of a photo gallery.
      This page was designed to offer visitors an inspiring and immersive visual experience by allowing them to project themselves in coworking spaces and see how others have imagined design solutions.


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